What is the ID Ward Publisher Network?

Digital advertising explained

When you land on a website,  cookies and other tracking technologies collect data to understand what content, products and services you are interested in. Your data is also made available to hundreds of other companies that analyse it, combine it and use it to show targeted ads (these are called ‘vendors’).

This is not always a bad thing. Personalisation can improve your user experience, and viewing more targeted ads gives you access to free content. But in the current set up, you have little or no control about who sees your data, how they use it and how you can get it back. Your privacy is not adequately protected. 

Anonymising your data

There are now technical ways to protect your privacy while enjoying personalised experiences and supporting a free internet. When cookies collect your data, they store it in your device: instead of sending a copy of it to hundreds of companies, AI can be used to process the data on the device and make it anonymous.

Instead of collecting data about you and your preferences, advertisers only collect data about a group of people with similar interests (an audience). This can give you a similar experience and access to privacy.    

Publisher Network

The ID Ward Publisher Network is a network of sites that uses ID Ward’s Marketing Tag to protect your privacy. The Network is managed by ID Ward, and ID Ward has access to some personal data in accordance to its privacy policy – though as little as possible. Keep reading for more information about how ID Ward uses your data.

Please note that a website can be part of the Publisher Network but also work with traditional ‘vendors’. If you want to prevent ‘vendors’ from accessing your data but would still like to part of the Data Privacy Network, you can Reject all cookies and then opt into the Network at a later stage. 

More about ID Ward

A lot of companies claim to protect your privacy when they do the opposite. We are different because privacy is the core of our mission, vision… and business model.

We make money from anonymised data, and we refuse to work with companies that do not protect privacy. But trust should be earned, not given. All we can do is be transparent about how we work, who we work with and how we make money.

 If you still have questions, get in touch: team@id-ward.com


Opt-in, not opt-out

ID Ward tracks and stores data on the device only if you give consent. And we make it easier for you to withdraw that consent. 

Data Account

ID Ward can glean insights from the data stored on your device. You can delete those insights Data Account you can delete them.  

Privacy by default

By default, advertisers do not access any data about you. You don’t need to do anything to protect your privacy.