The marketing of the future uses
anonymous data

Reclaim lost audiences now

Build your own Open Garden using ID Ward

The Open Garden is a new environment that combines the best of Walled Gardens and Open Web in a privacy-first way: addressable audiences and accurate profiles with no personal data

Unlock 100% of your audience
Engage and monetise 100% of your audiences on cookieless browsers without using third-party data
Embrace privacy by design
Protect your audience and reduce risks for your brand by putting privacy first
Keep an omni-channel view
Gain high-quality insights and an omni-channel view of your audiences

Decentralised identities

ID Ward self-sovereign identity connects data across domains

AI on the edge

Machine learning extracts insights at the edge while leaving personal data on the user device

Anonymous data

Anonymous data supercharges publishers’ first-party data to optimise marketing results

Integrate in minutes, try for free,
pay when you earn