Replace personal data with anonymised data in your marketing stack

and reclaim lost audiences in a privacy-first world

Next-generation technology for Private Advertising

ID Ward empowers publishers and advertisers to build their own Open Gardens and reclaim lost audiences using anonymised data

Unlock 100% of your audience

Ensure that privacy is protected

Leverage powerful, anonymised insights

For the Publisher

Take back control of your data and your audiences


Supercharge your direct campaigns with cross-domain data


Access new demand sources at higher CPMs

For the Advertiser

Make your campaigns more relevant on Safari, Firefox and iOS


Leverage cookieless targeting, remarketing and attribution


Protect your brand from legal risks by using anonymous

For the User

Enjoy personalised experiences without compromising your privacy


Get full control over your personal data


Say goodbye to those pesky cookie pop-ups

Integrate in minutes, try for free,
pay when you earn